Indie developer from Russia Nikita Antipov is slowly but surely moving towards releasing his own game in Steam. The gloomy point-and-click simulator Plowing has not yet received a demo version and a trailer, but, according to the developer, this will be the next step. From the description and footage, one can immediately conclude that the game is inspired by Disco Elysium and Papers, Please, but everything is much more interesting due to the increasing pace of the narrative.

Plowing tells us about a small provincial town in the last days of the revolution. We are the new chief of the secret police named Kazimir Trofimovich Rabbulovsky, who will have to find opponents of the new regime in just 13 days. Every morning there is a stack of cases on our table, each of them needs to be sentenced. Save the innocent? Execute the execution plan? Everything is in your hands – you can try to sit on two chairs or mercilessly send anyone who disagrees to the wall.

“It’s not possible to calmly go through things, like in Papers, Please.” Each day will be very limited in time, and we will have to have time to receive visitors, make decisions and sentences, help those asking and make a dozen more important choices that will affect the storyline. Yesterday a man was shot for spitting on a portrait of a leader? Today, get ready for a protest under your windows, because he was the only electrician in the city.



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