Developers from the Croatian indie studio, known to the world for urban planning Patron And Aquatico, presented a new simulator in the realities of the First World War – Kaiserpunk. In it we will have to develop territories, participate in battles, track changes on the global map and deal with logistics. The city-planning simulator does not yet have an exact release date, but the release is planned for 2024 – only for PC via Steam.

As we mentioned above, the events of Kaiserpunk will unfold in the 20th century – in an alternative world where the First World War did not end in 4 years, but is still ongoing. We, the leader of a small city-state, are forced to deal with complex logistics at this time, expand our zone of influence, create political alliances and make smart choices in order to lead the country to prosperity.

According to the Steam page, they are waiting for us in Kaiserpunk:

  • Exciting gameplay in the spirit of global strategy;
  • Production and resource logistics management;
  • Gathering troops and fighting both on land and at sea;
  • Economic leverage over neighbors;
  • Different strategies for different regions;
  • A tree of technologies typical of the 20th century, in the form of airships and bomber planes;
  • The dynamics of events, which will depend directly on our actions.



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