Worm Club has announced the release of a collection of short detective adventures, Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery, for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The collection will include three games in the series: The Haunted Island, The Case of the Invisible Wizard and Corruption at Cowboy County, as well as a small exclusive mini-game, Frog Detective Scooter, similar to Tony Hawk.

Frog Detective games have been available on Steam for a long time (one, two And three), Game Pass and Microsoft Store separately, but on October 26th they will be available for purchase in one convenient collection.

The Frog Detective trilogy follows a series of investigations that Detective Frog takes on. His work is no different from human detectives, the same search for evidence, questioning citizens and crawling around corners with a magnifying glass.

In the first part of the series – The Haunted Island – the detective takes on the task of expelling a ghost from a sloth, in the second – The Case of the Invisible Wizard – he searches for an unknown criminal, and in the third – Corruption at Cowboy County – he goes to the Wild West and unravels the mysteries of a small county.

All parts can be called very small – completing each of the games takes only an hour and a half. But believe me, it’s worth it.


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