Despite the overwhelming success It Takes Two from the studio Hazelight, other developers did not rush to release story games with co-op. New Zealand team intends to add to the list of interesting adventures for two Space Rock Games she is preparing a project Criminals Within.

You will go to a fantasy medieval kingdom whose inhabitants are threatened by a deadly disease. The mighty royal guard Elena and the rogue thief Jarel must reveal his secret. Fate will throw the heroes into dangerous caves and cursed jungles.

Space Rock Games indicates the following advantages Criminals Within:

  • Asymmetric co-op – each of the partners has its own, separate role.

  • Fights in which everything depends on your reflexes and resourcefulness.

  • Difficult bosses.

  • Puzzles that require the participation of both players.

  • cartoon style humor Disney.

  • Visual character customization.

The action-adventure game is being worked on by specialists who have had a hand in Fable, Path of Exile, Black&White 2 And Chivalry II. The studio chose Unreal Engine 5 as the engine. Development started a year ago.

First thing Criminals Within will visit the PC (Steam), and then – unnamed consoles. Release dates and the exact list of platforms will be announced later. Judging by the page in the service valvesupport for both local and network play is planned.

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