ARTE France presented a dark puzzle game Gloomy Eyes, created by several small studios – Fishing Cactus, Atlas V, 3dar and Be Revolution Gaming. The narrative puzzle was an adaptation of a small cartoon of the same name, created entirely in virtual reality. The project should be released no earlier than 2025 and only for PC.

The Gloomy Eyes puzzle will show us a touching and very mysterious story of a zombie child named Gloomy, as well as the young soul Nena, in a world with an eternally extinguished sun. The dead rose from their graves, which the living were clearly not happy about – a senseless and cruel confrontation began. And somewhere against its background our heroes are trying to return rays of light to this corner of darkness.

The gameplay of the new product is tied to the unique skills of both characters. With their help, we have to solve riddles and puzzles to help the heroes return the sun to the sky. But the main feature of Gloomy Eyes is not in the gameplay, but in the visual style – the game seems to be assembled from small dioramas.



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