The Korean publishing house KRAFTON, under whose wing the battle royale PUBG, MMORPG TERA and the shooter Thunder Tier One were released, announced a new competitor for the Sims series – the real life simulator inZOI. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and has only one trailer so far, but it already looks amazing. The developers are planning a release on PC at the end of next year.

The gameplay video features a full six minutes of varied gameplay. This includes choosing professions, developing skills, and communicating with NPCs. The authors plan to implement as many possibilities as possible so that players can bring any scenario to life.

It is already known that inZOI will have:

  • An analogue of the name of Sims from The Sims or Parafolks from Paralives – Zoi;
  • The possibility of dying at any moment from carelessness on the road or other misfortune;
  • Mechanics of feeding stray animals on the city streets;
  • Advanced editor for changing the environment and the game world.

By the way, initially inZOI will be released only for PC, but over time it will migrate to current consoles. There are no more details about the platforms yet.


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