Silver and Blood is a mobile game in the anime RPG genre. It has a dark atmosphere that is inspired by Dracula and other vampire stories. Anime style, 3D graphics, and tactical battles, but in real time.

You can play an early version of Silver and Blood through American Google Play. There is no information about the iOS version. One of the disadvantages of the game is the presence of graphic artifacts, which is often found in emulators rather than full-fledged mobile projects.

The plot of Silver and Blood is presented through text dialogues between the characters; unfortunately, they are not announced. At the same time, the picture is pleasant, it can be called “Gothic”. As players complete missions, they assemble a team of rare fighters.

Silver and Blood players will take on the role of the “Lord of the Castle”, i.e. Dracula. Gradually it is necessary to restore this castle, while the lord himself chooses what he should be – good or evil towards the local residents. As for online elements such as PvP or joint raids, the developers do not talk about this.

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