Cat Fantasy is an anime RPG mobile game with beautiful 3D graphics and a plot that revolves around a cat cafe. Gamers will control a squad of cat girls who have something to oppose to their enemies in turn-based battles.

Cat Fantasy is available for pre-registration on iOS and Android, but only in the Philippines. The App Store states that the release will take place on November 30th. For now, you can watch gameplay that appeared on YouTube during the trial run of Cat Fantasy in August 2023.

In Cat Fantasy, you can combine attacks from different characters to inflict even more damage on the enemy. As for the plot, although it is presented in the form of text dialogues between characters, the locations are constantly changing, plus special effects and first-person view techniques are used.

You can also save kittens in Cat Fantasy. Such moments are again done in first person, but the scenes are scripted, so you are left to participate in QTE moments. Thank you anyway.

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