Second Wave is an anime MOBA with shooter elements and third-person gameplay. It’s not out yet, but it’s already on Steam testing has begun, and this is before the start of Steam Fest. You can also play on Xbox Series X|S.

I’m glad that Second Wave is and will be a F2P game. The developers promise different game modes: Domination, 3-Way Battle (MOBA) and Stone Capture and Defense.

In Second Wave, each character is a separate individual, with a unique appearance, role on the team, and active skills. The heroes have become even more beautiful, as the developers have improved the graphics and made QoL changes.

You can also switch between first-person and third-person modes in Second Wave. In the latest update, the developers added 5 new heroes, a new map and a new game mode.

I note that the Second Wave beta test runs from October 6 to October 16. The full patch note is available on the official website. Be sure to try this project, especially in a group with friends, as the gameplay video looks very dynamic.



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