Went Refactor is an anime gacha mobile game available in Southeast Asia starting November 17th. This information is provided on the page at TapTap. But nothing is said about the iOS version.

In Went Refactor you need to complete missions in which a group of rare anime waifus automatically fight a wave of enemies. Basically these are mecha robots. As for your heroes, they can use magic and belong to different classes, for example, healers.

To knock out new heroes in Went Refactor, you need to participate in the gacha. The developers hint at the presence of a system of relationships with your subordinates. They probably need to give gifts to strengthen intimacy.

Went Refactor also has an idle mode, thanks to which you can easily develop your characters. It is also worth collecting rewards from quests. But if that’s not enough, there’s an in-game store with a free daily gift and a monthly pass. Newbies are also given rewards for logging in daily for 2 weeks.

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