Tiny Connections is a mobile puzzle game where players must connect houses, windmills and other buildings into one network. Moreover, the number of materials is limited.

Tiny Connections will be released on iOS and Android November 9. There is no pre-registration in the App Store or Google Play yet. I assume that this will be a premium project that will appear in the markets on the day of release. Also, links to markets do not work through official site. The developers promise that not only fans of puzzles and simulators, but also casual gamers will be able to play. All thanks to simple controls and the formula “Easy and deep gameplay

The developers of Tiny Connections say they used maps of real countries to recreate the locations. Each map will offer unique challenges. For example, each building has its own color, and you cannot combine different colors. Also they should not intersect.

Tiny Connections will also feature daily and weekly challenges, plus time-limited events. For participating in them you can receive unique prizes and test your skill.


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