IN Steam The open beta test of the Men of War II strategy from the Best Way studio has begun, which will last from November 16 to 21 for free. You can register through the official game page using the “Request access to the Men of War II test” button. If you have already participated in previous tests, registration is not required.

Also developers they ask very much share your impressions in Steam discussions or on the official game server in Discordso that in the future they can take into account the feedback and “make Men of War II as interesting as possible at release.”

During the beta test, Men of War II will have

  1. New PvE mode “Officer” with NPC protection for some time, which will be available in the multiplayer lobby;
  2. 4 additional maps “Witch’s Valley”, “Village”, “Champagne” and “Polesie”, which have not yet been shown to players;
  3. 6 maps “Borovaya”, “Winter March”, “Airfield”, “Outskirts”, “Bazerville” and “Agricultural District”, which have already appeared before;
  4. 2 single missions “Path through the Snow” and “Convoy”, which replaced the old “Ambush” and “Battle for Coissons” from previous tests. Convoy will tell about American troops in Normandy in 1944, and Path through the Snow is about the Wehrmacht vanguard, which seeks to cut off Soviet troops;
  5. 2 innovations that were recommended by the players of the last test: separate matchmaking for the “classic” PvP mode and adding progress from matches played through the lobby system to the overall progress in the game;



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