Breeze Girl is a platformer mobile game available on Android in Chinese TapTap. It has manual controls, and the gameplay is divided into 2D levels. In them you need to avoid obstacles, collect coins, destroy mobs and fight the boss at the end.

You can take a maximum of 3 heroines with you on a mission in Breeze Girl. You can switch between them, and control only one at a time. I’m glad that the levels, although linear, have branches with the opportunity to find secrets and high rewards.

Just like slasher games like Devil May Cry, in Breeze Girl you need to make attack combos to get a high score. Since this is a Chinese game, there is energy that is spent trying to complete each mission. But as for the online elements, they may not exist; except, perhaps, the honor board.

I note that Breeze Girl reached top 1 place in the Chinese TapTap. But the average score was 6.1 points out of 10. This is partly due to the fact that the game servers were down. On the plus side, there are rewards for newcomers and the opportunity to knock out new heroes for free for daily login.


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