Insider Tom Henderson revealed some details Project Maverick is another game that Ubisoft Montreal is making in parallel with Far Cry 7 – Project Blackbird. In January of this year details have already appeared about the project, but only the setting and genre were known. Now it is clear that the shooter has turned into a rather hardcore survival game with elements of crafting equipment, extracting resources and arranging a Shelter.

A few years ago, Far Cry 7 was conceived as one full-fledged game, but the departure of one of the key developers split the project into two very unusual parts.

Far Cry 7 – Project Blackbird tells about a kidnapped family of rich people, which we will have to save from the clutches of the conspirators, trying to do it in a limited time – 72 hours (a day in real life). In addition, the game will feature new interrogation mechanics, when enemies will be able to lie, remain silent, or simply try to escape from you.

Project Maverick has a completely different concept and tells about the hero’s survival in the wild expanses of Alaska, where he was dragged by deception. This time the gameplay is not limited by time and is focused on survival – the game even includes death with the loss of all resources. My friends and I – yes, the game is cooperative – have to survive, hunt, craft equipment and upgrade our characters, developing skills.

The release dates of both games are still unclear. Developers from Ubisoft Montreal promise to launch an alpha test of Project Maverick in early 2024, and the release of Far Cry 7 – Project Blackbird is scheduled for 2025.


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