The battle royale game High Energy Heroes is just preparing for a future release outside of China. Insiders believe that Remedy Entertainment is working on it, and the final title could be Apex Legends Mobile.

And while there is no official news about the future of High Energy Heroes, publisher ELHA STUDIO decided to change the situation and arbitrarily released an early version of the game High Energy Heroes Mobile on Google Play.

High Energy Heroes Mobile is a complete fake, so I recommend not downloading this project. For example, instead of normal screenshots, miniatures from a YouTube video with gameplay were taken, as well as “screenshots” from the Chinese version.

If Electronic Arts and Tencent hurry up, they will be able to close this shop. I also remind you that there are unscrupulous studios and publishers on Google Play that offer to buy or download ports of PC games. In fact, these are “made on the knee” games with the requirement to buy them before playing the game or to subscribe.

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