Why do we need Hogwarts Legacy when there is something better? The Roguelite adventure in the spirit of Harry Potter, a demo of which was available this summer, has finally been released. Spells & Secrets from developer Alchemist Interactive is available in Steam at a nice release discount of 20%. In addition, the new product was released not only on PC, but also for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

In Spells & Secrets we play as a first-year magic student who has arrived to study at Greifenstein Academy. But our dreams of carefree weeks in a magical castle in the company of friends and teachers were under threat. Due to a strange incident, the corridors of the school began to change, and the classrooms were filled with magical creatures.

Now we have to free the Greifenstein Academy of Wizards from magical creatures. Enter the game with friends, customize your wizards, grab your wands and go towards unsolved mysteries, powerful artifacts and the ever-changing corridors of the academy.



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