Developers Cyberpunk 2077 followed by a series of failures. Not so long ago, the Poles somehow washed themselves off after a failed release, and here’s a new problem – according to Reddit, a script for the upcoming expansion was found in the game files.

Minor spoilers

A Video Games Chronicle journalist studied the leak and said the following:

  • Not the final version of the script got into the files – some side quests use text stubs.

  • Apparently, the DLC contains seven main missions, as well as fixer tasks, street stories and new events in Night City.

  • The plot features a new character – Songbird.

  • The player will visit the Pacifica Warzone and the Sports Dome. Both locations are not available in the original campaign.

  • The VGC author notes a small number of lines from Johnny Silverhand – apparently, for some reason, participation Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) Work on the expansion was minimal.

  • The DLC affects the ending of the main game – the changes are minor, but the events of the expansion, including the ending of the Songbird story, mention both V and Johnny.

When Cyberpunk 2077 will finally receive an addition – is unknown.


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