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When you look at other people’s screenshots and replays, see unusual sights and beautifully painted tanks, you probably want to know how it’s done. But rummaging through the game settings, you find nothing. What’s the matter? It’s simple – you see the result of applying mods.

What is a mod in World of Tanks? It’s short for “modification”. It consists of one or more files. Enthusiasts or amateur players develop them to make changes to the game. With the help of mods, you can drastically change the look of World of Tanks: hangar, interface, tanks. Mods make the gameplay more comfortable: expanded statistics, balance of wins and credits, improved sorting of vehicles, damage counters, sights with reload indicators in seconds and projectile flight time to the target.

In addition, mods can change the sounds of shots and voice messages. In general, they bring a lot of variety to the game, allow you to customize it for yourself, but before you install them, remember a few important facts.

1. All mods are made by players, developers have nothing to do with them. Therefore, Wargaming is not responsible for the operation of the game after the installation of modifications. You make all changes in the game client at your own peril and risk.

2. The effect of mods will be visible only to you. For the rest, the game will look standard.

Are you offered to download a mod that will make the tank invulnerable, and it will shoot without misses and ricochets? Be aware they are scammers! Calculations of the visibility of movement and shooting are carried out by the game server, so there are no cheats for World of Tanks! Under their guise, malware is distributed that can deprive you of your account.

Do not download or install mods from dubious sources – one-day sites and groups on social networks. The safest place to download is a special section of the game’s official forum called “Mods and Software”. Here you can also see the list of prohibited mods, for the use of which the player’s account is blocked!

Even if you downloaded MOD World of Tanks from a reliable source, check it with an antivirus, and before installing, make a copy of the working version of the game. Each mod has installation instructions. Most are placed in the section of the World of Tanks client provided for them – RES_MODS must be in the folder with the version number that is currently in use. Otherwise it won’t work.

There are mods that directly change the client. This may cause technical difficulties during the upgrade. The installer does not recognize the modified files and will download them again. Because of this, the size of the update can reach several gigabytes!

So let’s remember:

1. Download mods only from the official forum

2. Install them correctly.

2. Don’t fall for the tricks of scammers.

Remember these simple rules, be vigilant, and good luck in battle!

The most needed mods for World of Tanks

Next here we will look at a gentleman’s set of mods that every tanker should have installed. We note right away that this is not an assembly, of which there are a lot of divorced now. This is just a guide for beginners who want to install the most important mods but don’t know what to choose.

Thanks to these mods, you will receive many times more information from the battle, which brings convenience and comfort to battles.

There are no special novelties here, but this article will be useful for players who are just starting to get comfortable in the World of Tanks. After all, every newbie, when he first learns about fashion, is lost in their diversity. And the variety is really great. Over the entire existence of the game, several tens of thousands of various mods have been created by different authors.

Let’s figure it out and see how, without really littering the game, add some useful information and personal convenience to it.

Zoom mod for scope

The very first and most important mod that can be advised to beginners and not only is a modification that enhances the zoom in sniper mode. In sniper mode, there are only three steps – at maximum approach, the enemy tank still remains far away. Yes, it is comfortable to play – no doubt, but when you increase the multiplicity, it will become much more comfortable to play. Now you can move the camera a few more steps forward, which will allow you to target even the most vulnerable points of the enemy. We assure you – after you try this mod, you will not be able to fight without it.

In addition, this modification adds the ability to move the camera as far as you need. Thanks to this, you can move the map away and see where the enemy is looking or just explore the area – for example, on some new map.

However, there is a nuance here – keep in mind that at the maximum approach, the projectile will fly a little longer, so it is worth slightly adjusting the fire to lead.

Damage panel

The second mod that really helps in combat is a more informative damage panel, equipped with a detailed log of damage received.

The panel itself, or rather its design, has remained the same, but a damage counter has appeared to the right of it, which has recently been damnably improved. If earlier only the amount of damage for each hit was shown, now there is much more information.

First comes the amount of damage received per shot, and then the type of projectile, vehicle class and its name. Thanks to this, you will now know exactly from whom this or that projectile came. It is especially interesting that the name of the tank that fired at you is written even in the case when it was not illuminated.

Now, having received a hit on 800 HP, you will know for sure that an enemy ISU-152 is waiting for you behind that hill or hillock.

In addition to the counter itself, each hit on you is displayed in large red numbers. And if the enemy did not break through you or ricocheted, then the inscription “no damage” will appear.

Smart mini-map

In World of Tanks, it is very useful to know where the enemy forces are located. You have probably noticed that all good tankers have a very large mini-map. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the mini-map, you will keep your finger on the pulse of the battle and always know what awaits you in a few seconds.

However, the standard mini-map is equipped with extremely poor functionality – the icons on it are small, only the location of allies and enemies is indicated, as well as the type of equipment.

Thanks to mod makers, we can significantly increase the functionality of the mini-map. A lot of additional information will appear on it – this is the name of the tanks, the location of the equipment that disappeared due to the light, the drawing square, the viewing range and a laser pointer showing the direction of your tank’s barrel.

As you can see, there is much more information, and each innovation helps a lot in battle. The name of the tank allows you to see the general situation on the battlefield, the Circle of View helps to correctly calculate the correct position. And the vehicle drawing square will show the enemy when you do not have enough visibility for self-detection.

By the way, this mini-map will be useful for players who often play in a platoon with comrades. Now your partner will glow on the mini-map in a different color, which will allow you to always know where he is.

Pickup angles

And the last mod that we would like to advise you is the horizontal aiming angle for artillery. If you play without them, then you have to constantly look at the damage panel in order to determine when there will be a spread of information.

After installing the mod, critical marks will appear near the berth, after overcoming which there will be a scatter. Here the situation is similar to the scope zoom – after a while you will not be able to play without this mod – it is so useful.

In addition to these modifications, players create thousands of other mods – scopes, skins, various decorations, new interfaces, and thousands of other amateur works. But most of this is a matter of personal preference – some people like one scope, some others like it, some use skins, some don’t. These are visual, not informational nuances.


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