Today, at 7 am Moscow time, the long-awaited release of third-person survival-horror – Alan Wake II took place. The game was released immediately for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and you can buy it in stores: Epic Games, Microsoft And PlayStation.

In addition, just yesterday the embargo on publishing reviews lifted, so all gaming media shared their opinion about the new product – the average rating is above 9 points out of 10. MetaCritic horror collected an impressive 88 points, and OpenCritic a little more – 89 points.

Many gaming publications shared their opinions. Eg, journalists from IGN noted that the game can easily be called one of the most exciting stories in its genre. Alan Wake II’s direction, sound design, and artistic design are absolutely flawless, making the original look like a rough draft in comparison.

The same opinion is shared by by GameSpot, for whom Alan Wake II is a real miracle and a logical result of Remedy’s long work. Among the bright advantages, they noted two equally important story campaigns with equally interesting characters, as well as an interesting immersive multimedia approach. The downside was only small bugs with the investigation board, but even those did not spoil the impression.

We previously published the recommended system requirements for Alan Wake II. The game is still very hard, but it’s not that bad. A 12 GB RTX 3060 video card and 1080p resolution produced 44-45 FPS. And the more modern RTX 3080 with 10 GB showed 88 FPS.


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