AK-47 perhaps the best automatic weapon in CS:GO, as it can kill with one shot even with armor, provided that it hits the neck or head. If you can’t decide which weapon to master first, the AK is a great choice for terrorists. This weapon is very effective at all ranges, but especially at medium and long range. To increase your overall marksmanship, take a look at our How to Aim Better guide.

It is recommended to buy ak as a main weapon after easy rounds when you are not playing wwp. Due to the fact that usually a player on WUA there is only one in the team, ak-47 is the most popular weapon in the game. You can usually see how professionals play for CT change M4 on an AK-47 lying on the ground if not nearby AWP.

  1. shooting techniques
  2. Spread trajectory and recoil compensation
  3. Properties

shooting techniques

    ak47 guide in cs go

  1. Shooting single (Tapping)
  2. Aim for the head and fire just once, wait for your (dynamic) scope to fully reset and repeat as fast as you can. This technique completely avoids the spray effect. Single shots take milliseconds, so you can shoot fast enough. Practice shooting at one point in the wall until you have fully mastered the timing. Some players use this technique due to its one-shot capability, but most still prefer to use it for longer ranges.

  3. Burst shooting
  4. Aim for the head and shoot 2-4 times. The first 2 shots are quite accurate, after them you need to lower the weapon slightly to compensate for the recoil. Practice shooting at the wall. If you do not have a dynamic scope (most modern players play with a static scope), be aware that you can make an accurate shot when the weapon model has returned to its original position (the weapon moves up and back during the burst). You can combine burst and strafe to increase your chances of survival. Practice this technique at close and medium distances.

  5. spray shooting
  6. The spread of AK in CS:GO is much stronger than in 1.6. Spray is worth it at close range or when there are several opponents against you. Even if you don’t headshot your opponent (you always need to aim for that), the first shot will almost certainly knock your opponent’s aim off. To learn how to control the dispersion of AK-47 bullets, try the aiming exercises that we have prepared in the guide “How to aim better”.

    Video lesson of shooting from AK-47 in CS:GO


1.Create a server

  • for example, the map de_dust2_se

2.Set up a server for training through the console

  • sv_cheats 1(Cheats enabled)
  • impulse 101(16000$)
  • sv_showimpacts 1 (show bullet traces)
  • sv_infiniteammo 2 (infinite ammo)

3.Buy an AK-47


  • Shoot the wall in front of you and control the spray
  • Try to shoot only single shots
  • Then try to shoot 2 shots hitting the same point
  • After that, try to fire 3 rounds, now practice moving the scope down a little so that all the bullets hit the same point
  • Add one cartridge each time as soon as you master each previous exercise.

Spread trajectory and recoil compensation

Improvement of the following techniques (especially full spray) takes a lot of time. To speed up your learning process, check out the following animated scatter paths from user twowordbird. The first displays the standard spread (no randomness) of the AK-47, the second displays the movement of your mouse, necessary to compensate for the recoil. Try to repeat the movement of the second trajectory with the mouse, then repeat in the game.

AK-47 standard spread:
ak 47 scatter trajectory

Recoil compensation:
ak-47 recoil


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