Come on, let’s fly: Download Aion

Korean projects have long and firmly established themselves in the Russian market of igrostroy. Hardcore or casual, they have projects for fans of both. First of all, of course, various MMORPGs have become widespread. Including the project, which was born in 2009, called “Aion.” This MMORPG, due to excellent graphics, well-developed gameplay, and a story made with soul, quickly became extremely popular, even despite the client fee, however relatively small.

However, today we will not talk about the whole game but about a new class that appeared in it not long ago. This class is called “Pilot” and is unsuitable for those who regularly like to see their character’s face in the frame. And all because the pilot spends all personal and not only time sitting in his robot (which suspiciously resembles the giant Space Marine robots from Wahi).

This robot belongs to chain mail armor. However, it provides protection that is not much inferior to armor. In addition, the pilot is not deprived of firepower, which makes him a powerful and convenient class to play. However, you have to be able to get used to it.

Main advantages

Let us first analyze in more detail why the pilot is so good.

First, great armor. His “mail” robot provides excellent protection, the most critical parameter for tanking classes.

The second one is quite good damage. The pilot is a magic class and hits accordingly. He may not reach the mega DD shares, but just a little bit, and with his protection, this slight shortage is insignificant.

The third is good “aggro” skills. If many other tanks, such as the Gladiator, need good equipment to rip off mobs on themselves, the pilot does not need it so much; he can reasonably handle it on his own.

So, what do we have in the end – good armor, good damage, and high aggro – the perfect set for a tank? And it is in this capacity that the pilot reveals his full potential.

How to download it?

Wow, you will love this item. The fact is that the pilot differs from other classes not only visually. He is also the owner of a personal line of missions. He needs to complete all these missions, but they are so attractive that this “must” will only be a joy for the novice pilot.

In addition, the pilot is very self-sufficient, despite the small number of healing abilities. This allows him to go through many dungeons alone. If this leveling option suits you, and you can more or less decently equip this character – Nasan Training Camp will be your first stop among the dungeons.

Further, due to his survivability, the pilot feels very comfortable in the “Nightmare” mode, where you can go as many as five times a day and swing quickly and efficiently. Up to level 60, Fort Adma, Theobomos Laboratory, and Phoeta of Darkness are also quite challenging for you (although the mobs fight painfully in the latter, they are quickly demolished).

At level 60, the pilot gains access to a quest line that can be completed to obtain Daevinion items of heroic quality, and these are not huhra-muhra. Having collected a complete set, you can walk through more deep dungeons up to level 65 (as many as four “by”!). In solo, it will be the air fortress of Aturam and Rimentu, and in the group – the base of Rentas and Fort Tiamat.

How to equip and what to download?

Up to level 60, the essential equipment obtained from ordinary quests is more or less quoted, but then you must act more thoughtfully.

First, let’s review the main points for PvE and PvP games.

In PvE, the weak point of the pilot is the low power of magic. There are no problems with accuracy, but there is a little lack of strength, which must be filled. You need food, items, magic stones – everything that will help increase the power of magic. From Divine stones, take those that increase damage.

In PvP, in addition to the power of magic, which still needs to be increased, one should also remember its accuracy. The base mob may be enough, but players wearing sets with magical protection will easily dodge your attacks. Therefore, for PvP battles, the pilot needs to increase the strength and accuracy of magic. Among the Divine stones, the best choice is silence or paralysis. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain why. Control in PvP is the first thing.

“Five minutes – normal flight”

The pilot immediately emerged as a fully-fledged class, able to compete on equal terms with any opponent in PvP or hold on to any boss in PvE (especially if he has a normal heal behind his vast back). Good defense, good magic damage, and the presence of a couple of controls make the pilot a class that is comfortable to play, even for an inexperienced player. In addition, he can help this most inexperienced player gain the necessary experience. And, therefore, as they say – pieces of iron – go ahead! And have a good flight!


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