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Today we will talk again about the game Aion – a classic Korean-made fantasy MMO-RPG. By the way, the game recently switched to a free-to-play basis. Shareware, to be precise. What does it mean – you can play without investing money, but it will not be so comfortable. Although many of the bonuses that a premium account gives you can also get in-game currency, you just have to work a little and farm it.

However, I digress. Today we will not talk about the whole game, but only about a separate class – about the sorcerer. I must say that this is not the most popular class for the game, since it is a priest, and therefore a support class. But everyone is much more fond of taking a character aimed at damage or tanking. But let’s talk about what a sorcerer is capable of and what his functions are.

Faster, higher, stronger, or why a sorcerer is needed

The sorcerer is a support class, and is one of the options for developing a priest. In the game Aion at the tenth level, you can choose the specialization of your character after completing a simple quest. In the case of a priest, this is a healer or a sorcerer. And unlike the healer, the sorcerer we are considering cannot work as a full-fledged healer, but on the other hand, he perfectly imposes various buffs on the group – that is, strengthens his party members in a variety of ways.

Here we have an increase in the speed of casting spells and attack speed, the amount of HP (that is, hit points – health points), mana regeneration and much more. Among all these buffs, the so-called Rite of the Hurricane stands out: this buff increases the speed of running and attacking to unimaginable heights for a certain time, which is rarely superfluous in battle.

This class cannot boast of special armor, but here its buffs and self-healing come into play, which sometimes allow it to hold out under fire no worse than another tank. Yes, and the already mentioned Hurricane Rite can both help you deal with the enemy, and allow you to extremely briskly run away from him.

A little about pumping

Of course, no one forbids you to swing alone. But the sorcerer in Aion is not about solo play. Almost any group will take a handy sorcerer even in frankly lousy equipment. For his buffs can so strengthen the party members that the sorcerer does not even have to join the battle. Yes, and the healer will only be grateful to you for the periodic heals, which will make it easier for him to keep the group alive and not badly damaged.

About PvE and PvP

I think that everyone has already understood that in PvE a sorcerer is a necessary class, and he feels just fine there. Because a character who can both strengthen the group and not be a ballast in battle at the same time will definitely be in demand. But what about PvP? After all, it often happens that a class that shows excellent results in PvE frankly suffers in PvP.

Trust me, this is not about a sorcerer. Self-healing, powerful group-wide buffs, and a set of control skills make him one of the most sought-after classes in battles against other players. One on one handy sorcerer is able to “bury” almost any other character. Yes, and in the siege, where, in principle, ranged fighters are listed, in the first place, this class will not be useless. Why? Again – buffs, healers and stuff like that – I will not repeat myself.

Few conclusions

What else can be said about the sorcerer? One word comes to mind – balanced. Not a tank, but able to hold out in close combat. Not frail, but he will be able to heal himself. Not DD, but the damage is very good. In combination with excellent buffs, you get a very good all-rounder, which will not be a burden in any battle.

Its only weak point can be called a focus on close combat, but this weakness is very relative. All in all, if you like support classes with a different and interesting gameplay, suitable for both PvP and PvE, then the sorcerer is just perfect for you.

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