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Once again we are reviewing the Aion game classes. This MMO offers the player a fairly wide selection of characters with a variety of roles on the battlefield. And in this guide, we will consider the classic melee fighter, namely the gladiator. He, as you might guess, is one of the military classes, but, unlike, for example, guards, he does not tank, but deals damage.

In order to become a gladiator, you need to choose a warrior as a starting character. And then, at the tenth level, choose who you want to be in the future – a guard or a gladiator. The gladiator, or gladiator as he is also called, has several roles on the battlefield. We’ll take a look at them below, as well as decide what this character is good for, as well as who would be interested in playing them. And we will also decide who will NOT be interested in playing. So let’s go!

“He was known as a strong man not for nothing – seven – with one blow!”

What am I for? Most of the skills we have are focused on AoE damage – that is, these are massive area attacks that can upset your opponents in both PvP and PvE.

Thanks to this feature, the gladiator has a very high damage per minute (the same, everyone’s favorite DPS). His main weapons are various two-handed machines like halberds and spears.

Another interesting feature of this class is that he wears heavy armor. So, it is very well protected from various attacks. True, part of the protection still had to be sacrificed – due to the fact that the gladiator uses two-handed weapons, he does without a shield. This means no blocking of blows and more incoming damage.

About the role of a gladiator in PvE

aion gladiator - girlGladiator – girl

First, a couple of words about pumping. We’re doing great here. In solo, thanks to good defense and high damage per minute, the gladiator is able to exterminate mobs in batches, and very quickly raise his level to them. Especially helpful is the fact that the enemies die quickly – faster than, for example, other tanks – and the experience is added just as quickly. By the way, you can join forces with another gladiator for even faster pumping. This will give you: halved the extermination of mobs, accelerated pumping and just incredible fun. Because watching the mobs die in batches, without even having time to understand what happened … Believe me, it’s very nice.

In a group, the gladiator performs two roles. Firstly, it works like a classic DD – that is, it deals the maximum amount of damage in the minimum time. Secondly, he can play the role of a tank. But, in order to successfully fulfill this role, you will have to work hard – your aggro is not as high as that of other fighters of this specialization, and your armor is still not enough. But those dungeons that need high DPS (in the sense of damage per minute) will gladly take you.

And now about pvp

Unfortunately, the gladiator is an exclusively melee fighter. This means that various ranged fighters can shoot him from a distance, preventing him from approaching him. However, here’s how and who’s lucky. After all, if only such a shooter allows himself to be squeezed into a corner – and most arenas are by no means endless – then the gladiator will not let him go. Due to his damage, he can kill the enemy so quickly that he doesn’t even have time to say “mother”. And this is by no means an exaggeration – the gladiator’s AoE attacks smear his enemies on the wall in just a matter of seconds. Well, somewhere in the siege, a group of gladiators can break into the camp of the enemy, quickly disperse it and suppress almost any resistance.


High damage per minute, good armor and good AoE attacks. In fact, this is a classic warrior. It is not suitable for fans of covert attack and shooting from a long distance. But if you like to be in the heart of the fight, throw opponents to the sides and finish them off with powerful, confident attacks, the gladiator will suit you just perfect. So – good luck in battle!

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