Caster in Aion

In this guide, we will again consider the characters of the game Aion. And today we have a caster in line. In order to take a caster, you need to choose a magician as a starting character. Well, at the tenth level, choose one of his further development paths – a wizard or a caster. By the way, the wizard is also a very interesting character, but today we will not talk about him.

The caster has all the main features of magicians from other fantasy RPGs – both MMOs and single-player ones. He dresses in fabric clothes (“rags”, as they call it), does not hold a blow, but does good damage himself. However, this class still cannot be called a “glass cannon” – for mega damage per minute, contact the wizard. But the caster has other advantages. But – first things first.

Control and pet are our best friends

By itself, the caster does not deal any huge damage. But to deal damage, he has a pet – a companion that he can call on to help him. I must say that the choice of those whom the caster summons is very large. Here are helpers with various elemental damage, and tanks, and controllers – in general, choose a pet suitable for your goal – and go ahead. Our character can heal his companion, guide him, and with skillful use, inflict very good damage with his help.

And we also have a lot of control abilities, both for single target and mass ones. Separately, it is necessary to mention the so-called “carriage”, or fear (aka fear or horror). This spell has both single-target and mass-target options. Opponents are afraid of you, and begin to scatter. And at this time, your cute pet calmly “eats” them.

What can a sorcerer do in PvE

As I said, a skilled sorcerer can deal quite good damage per minute, and besides, he can control whole packs of opponents, which will certainly be very useful in dungeons. But there is one very important point regarding your pet. Make sure he doesn’t take aggro before the tank or off the tank. This happens, especially to inexperienced or inattentive sorcerers, and the consequences for the group can be dire. In general, play carefully.

By the way, due to his pet, the sorcerer can go through many dungeons and solo! Here it is important to properly equip and choose the right pet for each stage of the dungeon. This is not the easiest task, but it is still quite feasible. And believe me, the caster has something to be proud of here – for many other classes this task is not feasible even theoretically.

PvP, or “I am your horror and fear”

Here we come to the most delicious. I must say that in PvP the sorcerer still needs to learn how to play. Due to its weak armor, someone like a wizard or a sniper can pick it up very quickly. And if you let the gladiator get too close… Then everything will end – quickly and sadly. But when you learn how to properly combine controls with your pet’s abilities, then you will become the most terrible opponent on the battlefield. Terrible both in a figurative sense, and in the most direct sense – no one has yet canceled the “Fear” ability. And I’ll tell you honestly – in battles with other players, she delivers even more joy than in PvE. And the reaction of your inept, but especially unrestrained opponents to this skill of yours is especially pleasing.

If we talk about sieges – here you will also be useful. On the one hand, thanks to the ability to deal damage from a distance, and on the other hand, thanks to all your controls. In general, the scheme is the same as in classic PvP.

In conclusion

caster – not the easiest class to master. This requires a good knowledge of all the skills you have, as well as the skills of your pets. You need to know how to prevent enemies from taking damage to themselves – due to the lack of armor, this is especially true. But, with all this, it is very interesting to play a sorcerer. And over time, when you learn how to deal with him, he will become a very comfortable character. And your enemies will be afraid of you already seriously!


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