Absolver is a fantasy multiplayer action game about survival and combat in a harsh world. Players wake up in an unfamiliar world with a mysterious mask on their face, whose task is to free a person from hunger, sleep and death. The characters find themselves in a mysterious land with one goal – to pass a test that will show whether they are worthy to join the powerful Absolute Corps. Roaming these lands, players learn new fighting styles, find new equipment and try to become stronger.

Fighting in the open world. Isn’t that what most players dream of? Such a peculiar Mortal Kombat Online. And now I’m talking about the Absolver project.
It was shown back at E3 2016 and since then has aroused a certain interest among many game fans.
What is good and bad about the Absolver project and what is it eaten with in general?

This project will give us such opportunities as: the passage of a small story company, which is actually aimed at preparing you for battles with other players. The ability to compose a combination of strikes and the use of melee weapons. We will also be able to join various martial arts schools (the drunken master style school is attached).
Actually, the very training of you in new techniques takes place by means of defeating the enemy of a certain school. In the end, you can even create your own school (analogous to a clan), where other players can learn and use exactly your bunch of tricks.

Many players and reviewers compare this game in terms of its tension with the same Dark Souls. Of the pleasant things, it is also worth mentioning that the game already has a Russian language and good optimization.

Of the unique chips, it is worth highlighting a good set of acrobatic stunts and an unusual way to heal your character during the battle (your character is healed when the desired skill is activated and while you are hitting the enemy, you are recovering). And of course, for games like fighting, gamepad support is very convenient.

In general, the whole gameplay comes down, so to speak, to the classics: you create a character, swing, kill enemies, learn tricks, collect clothes and bend everyone to the right and left. By the way, there are suggestions that soon the game will have a 3v3 PvP mode.

So what do we have in the bottom line in Absolver?

  • Good optimization
  • A small price in the incentive (only 500r).
  • A good fusion of RPG and fighting game in itself.
  • open world
  • Simple pumping (every player knows how to collect clothes and pump skills).
  • The ability to create unusual combinations of strikes and thus create your own, absolutely unique fighting style.
  • Creation of our own combat school.
  • Huge potential of the game in terms of PvP
  • There are no typical classes, but there are starting fighting styles instead.

Many players, of course, complain that while you are creating your super combo during the battle, you may well get hit in the head and interrupt all your tricks. And thus, a certain dominance of players with one fighting style over others is obtained. But as it seems to me personally, this game is not about the balance between the fighters at all. It’s more about the ability to play cool. Skill test, so to speak.

Whether it is worth your personal attention or not, it is of course up to you to decide, but the game definitely has a great future if it is not abandoned.

Well, a small video of the gameplay below especially for you.


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