War Spell: Team Tactics RPG is a mobile role-playing game that has had a trial launch in select countries on Android: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan and the UK.

The gameplay of War Spell: Team Tactics RPG is reminiscent of RAID: Shadow Legends, where the player assembles a team of rare fantasy heroes who automatically fight waves of enemies until they complete the level.

One of the advantages of War Spell is the pleasant and high-quality voice acting. As for the starting gameplay, players will have to go through a story campaign, divided into missions. For this they give out materials and experience for upgrading heroes.

For downloading the War Spell game, the developers promise 20 summon crystals, diamonds, gold, energy potions, hero experience potions, and so on. The developers also promise PvP battles and a full story. And avid gamers will be able to participate in temporary events to receive even more free rewards.

War Spell has already been downloaded over 10,000 times, so the game has potential.

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