EVE Galaxy Conquest is a mobile strategy game that has become available on Google Play Philippines; This is a trial run. At the start, gamers choose which galaxy they start in. After this, you need to equip your fleet and station, similar to other mobile MMO strategies. Many actions take time, which can be speeded up with the help of special items.

EVE Galaxy Conquest players also engage in battles with enemies around the station. This allows you to open new territories, gain experience from fighters and receive materials for further upgrades.

New commanders and spaceships must be knocked out through the gacha system; At the start, the developers give free spins. As a result, fleets are created, each of them has its own leader and type of ship.

More advanced players will be able to join alliances and the multiplayer community. As a result, they will help each other and fight for control of the most valuable points on the map of space.

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