Gearbox Publishing’s mobile game Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is available in the Philippines on the App Store and Google Play. The project has already received good ratings – 3.8 stars out of 5 in the App Store. Those who have played note that the results are good for a free game. Others, on the contrary, criticize the project, even on iOS, for slow work, poor responsiveness and lack of controller support.

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds features a single player story campaign. There are also co-op challenges for a team of 4 people. Otherwise, you can use the help of 3 bots.

At every level in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, you can find rare items if you look hard enough. You also need to choose different characters, since each of them has their own unique abilities.

The developers describe the gameplay as “hell of bullets,” so you will have to constantly dodge enemy bullets in isometric locations. Each new stage will be more difficult.

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