Monster Hunter Puzzles is a mobile match-3 game that has undergone a trial launch in Canada. Its publisher was Capcom, which decided to see how much this game could repeat the success of Monster Hunter Now.

The Japanese publisher has every chance of success, since MHN has already proven that Capcom can not only release mobile games, but also benefit from them – the publisher’s income from mobile projects has become positive for a long time.

In appearance, Monster Hunter Puzzles may be suitable for children and girls, since the interface and gem icons are very simple and cartoonish. Sometimes it seems that if it weren’t for the addition of Monster Hunter, this game would not be in any way connected with the famous MH franchise.

Monster Hunter Puzzles is a casual game in which you can collect outfits and decorate your avatar with the latest fashion in the world of MH. You also need to populate your island with new creatures and participate in competitions and increase your rating with players from all over the world.

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