Do you like the mechanics of Digipick or just want to get better at it so you don’t have to waste digital lockpicks? A fan of the game Starfield has released a small browser version of Digipickso that everyone can practice lockpicking.

Bethesda games always have great lockpicking minigames for some reason, and Starfield is no exception. Digipick is a nice little mechanic in which the player uses not the usual lockpick, but an electronic hacking device. Using it, you need to connect several rings with holes in the correct order and voila, the lock is opened.

One Starfield fan, BB-Dev, decided to recreate the mechanics as a simple browser game so anyone could train their hand without spending digital lockpicks. Moreover, you can use the mini-game even on your smartphone on the way to work. And its source code is publicly available to everyone.

If you’re interested in the know-how (or just want to make sure the code doesn’t contain anything malicious), you can check out the inner workings of the mini-game at GitHub.


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