Publisher 101XP, who had a hand in the engineering simulator Dynopunk: Welcome to Synth-City and adventure The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante, has now released a new project into early access – the roguelike action game FatalZone. The game appeared on Steam today – October 23. Exactly a week, until the 30th, she will be available at release discount in 15% – 246 rubles instead of 290. There is no full release date yet; The game is expected no earlier than a year later.

FatalZone is a post-apocalyptic action game in the spirit of bullet hell and shoot’em up, which takes us to a world during a zombie apocalypse. Our goal, as in all games of this genre, is to destroy as many opponents as possible, pick up various goodies and do not forget to upgrade ourselves. In a word, just like in the acclaimed Vampire Survivors. In addition, in the menu, outside of matches, you can upgrade your shelter and develop mercenaries.

According to the developers from Midhard Games, a lot of work awaits the game in the near future. The plans include points of interest, different combat modes, more unique skills, and tweaking the balance and removing bugs after feedback from players. FatalZone, by the way, already collected 92% positive reviews on Steam.



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