Just yesterday in Steam A remaster of the cult strategy Stronghold: Definitive Edition from FireFly Studios has been released, but the game has already collected more than 600 reviews, of which 86% are positive. The developers have greatly changed the controls, tweaked the graphics and added a completely new single-player story campaign. What can we say about the updated soundtrack, new lines with original voice actors and even a multiplayer mode.

As the game description on Steam says:

“Stronghold: Definitive Edition brings together the best of 20 years: the game features two classic campaigns of 26 missions and a new single-player story campaign from Firefly Studios co-founders Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, designed for even more 14 tasks.”

The new campaign will tell about the war-ravaged “rear areas” of England, through which we will go on an adventure to find the kidnapped niece of Sir Longram. And as soon as we complete this difficult task, 10 more separate scenarios and the historical series “Trail of Castles” will open to us.

Buy remaster Stronghold: Definitive Edition is available at a release discount of 10% for only 495 rubles. And very soon the developers plan to release several major updates and two paid add-ons – Swine’s Bay and Valley of the Wolf.



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