October 23 released on Steam pixel puzzle Three Minutes To Eight from the Chaosmonger studio – the authors of the comical platformer Clunky Hero and the cute adventure Encodya. The game with a rather unusual plot is available at a release discount of 20%, and for those unsure about purchasing there is a free demo. Unfortunately, the puzzle is only for PC, but in Russian, which is not bad for an indie.

Three Minutes To Eight takes us into neon cyberpunk, somewhat reminiscent of Tales of the Neon Sea. The main character of the story accidentally learns a rather unpleasant fact – he will die on the same day, at exactly 19:57. Now we have to live dozens of lives on his behalf, trying again and again to cheat death. But not everything is so simple – every time there is an element of chance, which makes it impossible to predict everything.

Gameplay Three Minutes To Eight is a regular pixel puzzle game with fairly simple obstacles. The main feature of the game is precisely the “Groundhog Day”, which again and again immerses us in already known locations. But it definitely won’t be boring – the developers have written many plot options and different endings.

This game will also be released on consoles and smartphones, but later.



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