One of the players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III leaked the gameplay of the Passenger mission – an analogue of the infamous “Not a word in Russian” from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. It is in it that Makarov’s terrorists mercilessly shoot civilians at an imaginary Moscow airport. The scene was cut from the Russian version of the game, so you might have missed it.

This time the mission has changed almost completely, but has not lost its context. Vladimir Makarov does not shoot, but literally hijacks a plane with Russian passengers with the aim of committing a terrorist attack. Responsibility for the explosion is being shifted to a citizen of Urzykstan in order to undermine the reputation of the region. The iconic phrase “Not a word in Russian” is not mentioned.

Players reacted completely differently to the leaked mission. Someone simply noted that the plot of Passenger is much more realistic than just crazy shooting at people, while someone, on the contrary, said that “Not a Word in Russian” was more vivid and memorable. A little earlier, many Russian retailers statedthat they won’t sell the game at all because of scenes like this.

We remind you that the shooter will be released into early access today – at 20:00 Moscow time. The full release will take place later – at 7 am on November 10th.


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