Developers from Road Studio SA, together with publishers Green Man Gaming Publishing and Movie Games SA, presented a new truck driver simulator with landscapes and impassable terrain of Alaska – Alaskan Road Truckers. The game is currently only available for PC via SteamV Epic Games Store it will appear soon. The same applies to the versions for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, which have not yet been completed.

Alaskan Road Truckers only at first glance seems like another simulator like Euro Truck, but with different weather conditions. In fact, everything is much more interesting.

The game invites us not just to drive a cargo transport, but to live the everyday life of a real truck driver from Alaska. Engage in transportation, develop your business, and don’t forget about the needs of the driver. Get out of the cab to explore the world around you, eat at small gas stations, get more rest and don’t forget to take care of your “horse”.

Currently standard edition on Steam costs 702₽. The edition with unique cosmetics was a little more expensive – 744 RUR. The game can be bought from Russia without any problems, and even with a Russian interface included.



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