Publishing house Kalypso Media has presented a new part of the fantasy strategy series – Dungeons 4. Absolute evil and the dark elf Talia have returned, and immediately on all current platforms: PC via Steam, EGS And Microsoft Store, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A release on Nintendo Switch is expected a little later – next year. The game supports the Russian language and co-op for two people.

In Dungeons 4, as in previous parts of the series, we will have to fight the terrible forces of good, who are again trying to disrupt order and peace in the glorious world of darkness. Talia, already familiar to us, raises her staff and declares an “Anti-Crusade” against these “virtues.”

We have to expand our “underground lands” and build new fortifications and traps in order to stop the enemy forces and seize their territories ourselves. Just don’t expect artificial intelligence to let us run wild—enemies will come out of every corner to interfere with our plans. Accumulate resources, research new technologies and develop your own army. Don’t let the pathetic elves, humans and dwarves destroy our prosperous kingdom.



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