Today—November 9—at Steam There will be a cowboy role-playing game Don’t Die in the West from indie studio Funday Games, inspired by sandboxes like Valheim and Core Keeper. In it, we and three friends will have to explore the western city of Thumbville, discover unknown locations and build our own ranch. The game will only be available in early access – nothing is known about the official release.

Don’t Die in the West’s storyline will revolve around many small-town stories, much like Stardew Valley. Somewhere in the west, the evil oil company Gritt Corp is seizing land, on the roads Dawson’s gang is robbing passing buses, and far in the mountains lives a wise hermit who knows the answers to many questions. It’s time to saddle up your horse and go explore these places.

Judging by the description in Steam, the game features a reputation system that will greatly affect the storyline. As well as collecting resources, crafting tools, exploring abandoned mines, hunting game and even cooking. If you’re not interested in exploring, hang your spurs on the wall and go build your dream ranch with a workshop, stable and card table.



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