Players can expect a new battle pass, characters, weapons and events.

New characters have been added to the game: as a reward for the battle pass, you can get Valentin Popov, nicknamed “The Mechanic,” as well as Valentin’s unique weapon, the MP5A3 “Eater” submachine gun. As part of the “Rise to the Top” event, after 10 battles, users will also receive a free character Simone Walsh, nicknamed “Aurora”.

Along with the Battle Pass, two series of new weapons have been added to Battle Teams. The Neural Network series is a reward for the Extended Battle Pass and includes the M4A1 Assault Rifle, M590A1 Shotgun, and MSR Sniper Rifle. The Shatter series is also included in the Expanded Battle Pass and includes the M4A1, TWS, and FN FAL assault rifles.

In addition, for a limited time, the Amazon Pack will be available in the in-game store featuring the character Vennie and her personal weapon – the Barrett sniper rifle, which also includes unique phrases, a banner and emotes.

On November 7, an album with soundtracks for the game Battle Teams 2 also became available on VK Records, in the recording of which producer and composer Jeff Broadbent (Avatar, Transformers, Resident Evil) and vocalist Uyanga Bold (Mulan) took part. , Ghost of Tsushima: Legends), cellist Tina Guo (Inception, X-Men, Dune) and other famous musicians. When recording the soundtrack, in addition to classical instruments and sound effects, many ethnic oriental musical instruments were used.


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