The authors of the dark strategy This is the Police set their sights on the next masterpiece and announced a new game about times “Roaring Twenties” – Hollywood Animal, whose actions will unfold exactly in the 20s of the last century. At the moment, the project is in development and plans to be released only in 2024, but a page and a colorful trailer have already appeared on Steam.

In Hollywood Animal, we have to lead a film studio and keep it afloat in any way possible. Do you want to make blockbusters? Please. You can even go into trash films with an 18+ rating or start collaborating with avant-garde directors. Whatever your heart desires. The main thing is to cope with fashion trends, conclude profitable alliances in time, not get involved in criminal disputes and not get dirty in corruption. Well, or do everything exactly the opposite.

Judging by the trailer and description in Steam, the game will include construction and even resource management, but the main emphasis will still remain on difficult moral choices and very realistic stories. The main feature of Hollywood Animal is its gameplay. We will literally be able to make a movie ourselves, participating in all areas of production.



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