On October 16, indie studio Black Jackals announced that their old-school horror game with survival elements is finally available on Steam for $12.99. Shadows of Duat takes us to Ancient Egypt – right into the depths of one of the ancient tombs, full of traps, puzzles and terrible enemies. Unfortunately, the game does not have a Russian language, but basic knowledge of English will be enough for the atmosphere.

Judging by the trailer and comments from the developers, in Shadows of Duat we will play as one of four main characters, each of which has unique properties. And the tomb in which we will find ourselves is not just a dungeon, but a dynamic and treacherous location where you simply need to be vigilant. The same corridor can easily lead to different zones with new threats or to a banal trap.

At the moment the game is only available for PC, there are no comments about console versions. More news from the developers can be read on their official website.



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