Despite the fact that the last year has passed so to speak under the sign of games in the “royal battle” genre, now players are again showing interest in games in the Moba genre. This is evidenced by the appearance in steam of such a game as Endless Battle.

Endless Battle – offers a choice of 5 different classes that you can customize by choosing abilities and talents. At the moment, the game features two modes: Arena 3 vs 3, in which the team that kills all opponents wins, and Battlefield, which includes four maps with different conditions for victory.

Also a nice feature of the game is that the game takes place in a third person. Perhaps this is the ideological successor of the “Smite” concept, but it’s only worth saying that the graphics and art here are closer to Overwatch in their cartoonishness than to the project from Hi-Rez studios.

By the way, there is only one line for fighting between players, which turns the whole game into an action or even a fighting game rather than a standard Moba.

Also in Endless Battle, users can create a unique character based on the five available classes. You can choose a warrior, knight, mage or assassin and customize them with a variety of abilities and equipment.

Of the obvious shortcomings, one can safely single out a rather large ping, since the servers are now launched only in the USA.

Of course, many players also talk about Pay to Win elements in the game.

By purchasing special sets with cards, you can upgrade skills, making heroes stronger. They can be purchased both for in-game currency and for real money. The game also has a VIP system that provides certain benefits depending on the amount of money spent.

Well, let’s be honest that all the skills here are tied to cards, they can be quite interestingly combined (a lot of skills are available for free and immediately) and something that you can, of course, buy for donations.

By the way, you can dress up the hero in your own unique style (clothes can generally be knocked out of chests after the game).

As a result: The game definitely needs European servers, because it definitely has a future.

The picture in the game is beautiful, everything is played quite stably, which means there is optimization. The very same party (skating rink) in the game lasts no more than 20 minutes, and 20 minutes of pure action is pretty cool! Perhaps even we are waiting for a new esports discipline and something new instead of the dying Heroes of the Storm.

In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer below.


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