Mission Zero is a multiplayer game about hide and seek and catch-up in the style of Hitman. The publisher is NetEase Games, and this Chinese company has a lot to show. A video from user WadaGames has appeared on YouTube, in which he said that the game is undergoing beta testing on Android and PC.

To participate in the Mission Zero beta test, you must have a NetEase Games account in China. When registering an account, one of the points is to provide data Chinese.

The graphics in the test version of Mission Zero look already at the console level, and the NPCs act realistically, almost like real players. Also, the YouTuber has a low ping, so his character did not lag. At the start, gamers must undergo training, during which they will be in the shoes of a spy and a hunter. After this, you will be able to participate in matches against real players.

Mission Zero can wait for MBT in China until the end of 2023. The main thing is that the developers work with network connections. It’s still worth waiting for global testing in the near future, maximum at the beginning of 2024.


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