There was a lot of uproar in the gaming community due to Rockstar Games’ recent post regarding the “Happy Moon Festival” in GTA V. The developers published a screenshot showing a partially closed Vinewood sign, from which only the letters VI remained. In addition, an impressive part of the image is covered by the Moon in a certain phase, indicating October 3.

Insider compared all the facts and presented “irrefutable arguments.”

  • All past Rockstar Games games were announced or released in October or Tuesday. Literally everything, without exception;
  • More recently, one of the trusted insiders indicated that the announcement will take place in October of this year. Moreover, information from different people;
  • The phase of the Moon in the already mentioned screenshot shows a very specific date – October 3, 2023.

Many players believe that everything here is clear to a blind person. The announcement of GTA VI should be expected in early October. There are simply no coincidences or pranks when it comes to Rockstar Games.

We advise you to be suspicious of everything, dilute any sweet rumors with a pinch of salt, and also wait for an official statement from Rockstar.


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