The first announced two-hour stream on Diablo IV from the developers has passed. There has been a lot of talk about the next season, the “Season of Blood”, which starts in the middle of the month, as well as general changes to the game.

Summary of the second season:

  • The main boss of the season is Lord Zir. In the story, he is being tracked down by the huntress Eris, and we will help.
  • Story dungeons will be added. They promised cool moments.
  • In the second season, 22 vampire powers will be available, including ones unique to each class. These will be new effects.
  • There will be three vampire clans in the season. Each will need to receive special reagents to enhance vampire powers.
  • There will be completely new mobs. Special mobs created by Zir will drop special blood that can be used to enhance vampire powers.
  • A new event will be added – “Bloody Harvest”. The event will be endless, without a pause, the location will simply change after the clearing.
  • For completing Season of Blood activities, players will be given Hunter’s Boons, for which they will be able to purchase random Legendaries.
  • Five bosses will be added. To fight them, you will have to select certain resist characteristics for the elements.
  • It will be possible to summon the boss of the “Season of Plague” in the “Season of Blood”.
  • New bosses will have an increased chance of obtaining ultra-rare and unique items.
  • In nightmare dungeons, it will be possible to knock out a key (reagent) to open a special nightmare dungeon – this is a separate location with special opponents and “other rewards.”
  • Large bosses will now have to be summoned through reagents (summoners), which are mined or created. Summoners can be exchanged.
  • As loot, in addition to the above, there will be a chance to receive special cosmetics. The drop is available to everyone (and without platinum).
  • These bosses will move on to the World of Eternity, the main game.
Lots of information about the Season of Blood from the Diablo IV stream


  • The escape scroll in hardmode will be automatically used if the hero leaves the safe zone and his connection is lost.
  • Incense will not be reset upon death.
  • All external experience gains are now multiplied by the percentage bonus for the difficulty level, rather than being cumulative with each other, as was previously the case.
  • They will add a pair of waygates to each location.
  • Fame levels are now account-wide. You only need to open them once.
  • Open world monsters 3 and 4 no longer grow after level 55 and 75.
  • They will give you 2 character cells per account.
  • The Occultist will appear next to the Whispering Tree.
  • Chests in cities have been moved closer to waygates. We also changed the location of the curiosities dealer in the capitals.
  • Horses will become more useful – they can break obstacles faster and ride longer under acceleration. To speed up the horse on the mouse, you no longer need to take courses God knows where.
  • Teleporters to nightmare dungeons will lead directly inside, rather than to the entrance from the outside.
  • The number of mobs in random open world events has been increased.
  • Control debuffs from mobs have been adjusted – they have become less vile and harmful.
  • Some nightmare dungeon modifiers will be weakened. Their strength will depend on the level of the dungeon.
  • The tasks for completing dungeons have been adjusted. The main task is simply to find the boss.
  • Another fix for dungeon maps to make players run back and forth less.
  • The timings of world events have been adjusted, as well as the Whispering Tree and Hell Summon experience.
  • Nightmare Keys from the Whispering Tree Chest will now drop at the same level as the highest dungeon you have already completed.
  • Inventory sorting has become better.
  • Reduce the scale of the mini-map to cover a larger area.
  • The drop of stones was removed. Instead, gemstone dust now falls out, from which the required heme can be crafted. The developers decided not to have a separate bag for gems; stones will still take up space in the inventory.
  • In worlds 3 and 4, the quality of drops from mobs has been changed – if you have an item of higher quality, then reagents will drop instead of low quality ones. This applies to white, blue and yellow items. At level 4 of the world, sacred objects will stop falling out, they will immediately disintegrate. But it is important that the player has heirloom items in his equipment.
  • The spread of the minimum-maximum level of an item now depends on the level of the monster – the higher, the higher the spread.
  • Tree and Infernal Onslaught rewards will now be 10/20 levels higher, but not more than the maximum item level value.
Lots of information about the Season of Blood from the Diablo IV stream


  • They promise something interesting at BlizzCon.
  • Diablo IV will be released on Steam on October 17th. It will be cross platform.
  • You cannot link your account to Steam. You’ll have to buy a separate game.
  • The Battle Pass will award a different amount of platinum, but details have not yet been revealed.


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