Third letter producer of MMORPG Throne and Liberty did not bring any important revelations or descriptions of game mechanics, but did talk about upcoming events dedicated to the game in the near future. We have translated it into Russian for you.


Today we have interesting news. On November 2nd we will finally show you what TL is in our showcase. We finished filming last week, and after a good editing, the video will premiere on the official THRONE AND LIBERTY YouTube channel.

You’ll see the results of the improvements we talked about in our last letter, and we’ll also answer some of the questions you’ve asked on the forum and in the community.

In fact, we are sorry and upset that we have had to remain silent about the issues that have arisen since this letter, especially those related to monetization. I really wanted to get straight to the point, but I realized that answering them in the form of a demo where I could go into more detail about them would reduce the amount of confusion.

I checked your comments every morning and I promise I won’t pretend I didn’t notice them. After the showcase, we will prepare for a personal meeting with you. We will have a stage at G-Star. Here we will show the main materials that have not yet been released. We’re planning to launch the game in December, so it’s going to be a very busy time, but we’re going to have fun with it. We’ve been working towards this for a long time, and it’s not only because we’re happy to launch the game after so much hard work, but also because of you.

A heartfelt and motivating letter from the producer of MMORPG Throne and Liberty

As I write this letter, we are turning the launch page. There’s still a lot of testing, tweaking, and bug fixing to be done, but I think we can safely call this the end of development (although we’ll still be working on future updates).

Since the start of beta testing, the entire team has been working on a very busy schedule. We knew from the start that it wouldn’t be easy, but we were determined to achieve TL’s unique appeal. With two regions, two large raids with completely different mechanics, 19 regional events, 18 bosses and 6 dungeons, TL will be quite a massive game from launch.

A heartfelt and motivating letter from the producer of MMORPG Throne and Liberty

However, we didn’t want to cut the scope – the fullness and volume were what we wanted to maintain as a team that loves the game. The reason we pushed each other so hard is because of you, the people who have been waiting for this game for so long.

We are lucky to be able to bring you the game this year. We’re going to make up for not doing this sooner with a very long, very long service, because our hearts and souls are in it. We are impatient and we will continue to work.

The feeling from the completion of the launch development is exactly 50/50: relief that we reached the end and met the schedule, and regret that we could have done better. We will use the areas of regret as a basis for improving the TL and hope that you will continue to give us feedback. It really means a lot to us.

I was going to just talk about the showcase schedule, but I ended up telling a lot of stories that I had been saving up. I think I’m starting to get used to letters, and now I’ll share a little personal story. Since posting my first letter, I have received messages of support from players and colleagues, some of whom I didn’t even know. They praised me for trying, others offered thoughtful comments on my wording, but they all had one thing in common: “Don’t stop.” It was these words that gave me the most strength and motivation.

A heartfelt and motivating letter from the producer of MMORPG Throne and Liberty

Of course, I don’t expect to achieve huge success with three letters, and I don’t do this to avoid criticism – in fact, I do it because I want to hear criticism. I’ve been making games my whole life, so my methods may be clumsy, but I’m going to see this through and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for future emails. If I have the courage, I will make a video, and after a while I will even go live. I’ll show you how I’m developing.

Having read the letter to the end, I discovered that I had a different attitude. I will try to keep my word and want to thank you for being so patient with me. In the next letter I will talk about more specific plans for the launch.

Thank you.

Ahn Jung Gok


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