Neverwinter online one of the most interesting projects in the world of multiplayer online games.

What is the fact that the game was created by Perfect World Studios.

So, just the other day, perhaps the most controversial addition came out for this wonderful and rather popular game.

Module 15 “Heart of the Flame”.

What exactly is this module?

This time, the developers decided to deviate a little from the usual plan and added a little crazy humor to the game.

Heart of Flame has added a new campaign to the game from the mysterious company Acquisitions Inc., which has recently appeared in the Protectorate. She even has her own office! This organization deals with the distribution of unimaginable adventures among travelers, referred to here as “trainees”. Yes, in the beginning you will also have to be them.

In a new story set on the Sword Coast, you will find harsh briefings and exciting adventures. Heart of the Flame brings a new skirmish, a reworked profession system, a beholder gathering, and more.

Perhaps one of the most pleasant little things in this add-on for me personally is exactly what you need to be a hero of only the 15th level to start going through the plot of new adventures.

The plot of the company is somehow rather strange, but it’s not for nothing that even the developers themselves say that this module of theirs was created specifically for humor, so to speak.

All you need to start a new company is just to upgrade your character to level 15 and find a special leaflet on the city streets that will start a special quest chain.

Well, then go through a kind of training.

After you pass all this, you will receive the status of “Trainee” and will open for you the opportunity to complete the tasks of Acquisitions Inc.

As a result: the new addition introduces a certain variety into the game and this is of course good. Now, every new player who decides to watch this game will now definitely have something to do at the very initial levels, in addition to the main plot, and this is very nice.

Although, of course, this is unlikely to be a replacement for the workshop, in which players could create their own adventures.

Well, in the meantime, you are still thinking whether it is worth playing or not, think that this game has been on the market for more than five years.

You can also watch the new trailer below.


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