At the end of May 2023, RockGame studio announced Last Whisper Survival – an action-adventure game in the spirit of DayZ or even The Last of Us. The first trailer showed a large open world, various survival elements, the possibility of co-op and, of course, zombie monsters.

Now, six months later, RockGame has released a gameplay trailer for Last Whisper Survival with new features, but without a specific release date. Player reviews are mixed, and for good reason – even in the trailer there are drops in FPS and an almost complete absence of unique gameplay.

As I noticed one of the users Reddit: “Why steal from one game when you can just steal from a whole bunch.” But we won’t go crazy, even though the developers planned to release Last Whisper Survival before the end of this year. Let’s see what awaits the project next.

Let us recall the setting and plot. The game takes place in 2231, in a world that has been completely destroyed by a zombie virus. The remnants of humanity were able to sit out in a bunker and are now free, fighting for resources and a place in the sun.

Last Whisper Survival invites you to explore abandoned cities, drive across endless deserts in a car, extract resources and set up a base. The game also features solo survival and co-op for up to eight people. And all this on PC, Xbox and PlayStation with Russian subtitles.



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