October 7th released on Steam free RPG Thyria: Step Into Dreams from Twokats studio. If you are a fan of dark dungeons with a turn-based combat system in the spirit of Darkest Dungeon, then we advise you to pay attention to the new product. The game has already collected 90% positive feedback based on 63 reviews. According to users, Thyria: Step Into Dreams is difficult to learn, but otherwise very intriguing with its setting and gameplay.

A little about the plot. The events of the game take us into a dark fantasy, immediately captivating with its gloomy atmosphere. We are a girl named Tiria who travels through the nightmares of local residents and fights monsters. For this we receive Soul Dust, various Relics and, of course, Soul Stones for creating our own “Guardians”.

There are two main mechanics in the game. First – Laboratory. It is here that Tyria uses the Soul Stones to create new Guardians. For each adventure we will need a new team composition in order to competently play out the battle, so we will have to find a balance. Strong spells cost more. All Guardians can be customized – choose combinations of spells.

Second mechanic – battles. In it we challenge monsters and fight them with the help of our Guardians. To win, you will have to study the weaknesses and strengths of your opponents, and not just rush headlong into battle. According to the developers, the key to success is time, resources and skills.


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