The prize fund of the competition is 1 million rubles, including prizes from the organizer and partners.

Fan Fest, a contemporary pop culture festival, will host a cosplay competition from October 28 to 29, 2023. Participants will be able to choose their favorite universe based on a film, TV series, game, comic book or animation, create a costume and take part in various nominations.

The winners will be solo cosplayers or cosbands whose images best match the chosen characters. The competition jury is bloggers and cosplayers: iChios, Felvelial, Aliza, Kirill Koroteev, Mrs. Oladyshka and others. The winners of the non-competitive fashion shows will be selected by a spectator jury consisting of festival visitors.

Selection for participation and receipt of accreditation will take place until October 8 inclusive. After October 8, the festival’s cosplay service will complete the selection and form the final list of contestants in all categories. Any cosplay that corresponds to the themes of the main nominations is allowed to register and participate in the competition.


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