The War Thunder Mobile game will be replenished with a new tank platoon from China. These will be modern war machines.

The first one is ZTZ88A with good protection from kinetic projectiles and good mobility. Its long gun will allow you to shoot at long distances.

The second tank from the Chinese platoon – ZTZ59D1. This is a modern middle class tank. Its armor resists cumulative weapons – the front hull and turret are covered with dynamic protection, and the tracks and sides have anti-cumulative shields.

CM25 seems like small military equipment. It is inspired by the American M113 armored personnel carrier and has anti-tank missiles. They can not only hit the target, but also explode above it. Tanks with a weak roof and engine compartment are especially vulnerable to such weapons.


The last and 4th tank in the Chinese platoon is PGZ09. This is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with 34 mm cannons. Such a machine can cope with light ground vehicles and aircraft.

The appearance of the Chinese platoon should be expected with the next major update.


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